Family Psychological Associates was established over 12 years ago to support local families and children. Our goal has always been to provide children with the help they need to cope with developmental challenges in both school and our complex modern environment.  We  work closely with local pediatricians and family practice physicians to provide quality, comprehensive evaluation and treatment for children and adolescents with recognized or diagnosed disabilities. We also serve youngsters who are merely struggling with current difficulties.  We will try to sort out the often multidimensional factors that contribute to childhood difficulties, establish an accurate diagnostic picture and then proceed to offer recommendations and solutions.  Our approach tends to be quite direct and practical, and we strive to provide understandable options and work closely with parents at all times.  We like to view ourselves as "consultants" to parents, who ultimately bear the extraordinary, very difficult and at times overwhelming responsibility for childrearing.

     We offer some individual treatment for children, particularly adolescents, but much of our work is done in a family treatment setting, knowing that our individual involvement is time limited while a family's impact is ongoing.  Our staff is multidisciplinary: Clinical Child Psychology, Social Work and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.  Additionally, each clinician specializes in working with different types of issues, providing considerable experience and knowledge of the appropriate area of concern.  Please see our clinician profiles to view these specializations.

     We also offer coverage for services via most insurance carriers.  This information is also available under "Rates and Insurance".

     Please note that we do only limited Psychological and Neuropsychological Assessment or testing.  However, we can be very helpful to you in determining whether this type of evaluation is needed and how best to obtain it.  We also work very closely with other providers of assessment and can help to arrange the appropriate services.

     Our Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist is available once a regular diagnostic evaluation is completed.  He can determine whether medication can be helpful or even consult with your pediatrician about medication trials that may have already been initiated.